FRANCE, 2013
Concours fait en collaboration
avec Sylvia Schildge


From a distance, a slight movement, a twinkle in the sunlight.

Man has long contributed to the inherent beauty of nature by manipulating and taming it. Here we are playing with the intangible, the changing seasons, by bringing a piece of the summer months into the midst of winter.

A ball, a shelter from the elements wrapped in a shawl of wheat, long grasses and synthetic silver strands undulating in the breeze.

From within, the landscape and activity outside is seen through an ice-cast window that distorts everything into varicoloured shapeless forms. Seating arrangements change as more people come in, then go out, move about and return: massive snowballs, hand-made, manufactured by anyone who wants to pull up seat and join the group. Rolled about, reshaped, packed, dispersed, the snow becomes a stool, then a bench or a long chair and later turns back into the snow bank from where it originated.